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Predictive Thursdays: Top 5 Things to Get Started with Predictive Analytics

Recently at SAP TechEd, Las Vegas, I had a session on the “Top 5 Things to Get Started with Predictive Analytics.” As you know, predictive analytics is the continuum of asking “What happened?” to “What will happen?” and “What is the best that could happen?” The quest to find out what will happen and what best could happen requires five basic principles that each and every data science needs to start with. (more…)

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Extending SAP Analytics for Customer Value

by the P&I  Analytics Innovation Network Team

It’s often tricky to find the right tool for the job exactly when you need it. That’s where SAP Analytics Extensions Directory comes in.

Even though SAP has a comprehensive portfolio of analytics applications—from the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) Platform to SAP BusinessObjects Lumira to SAP Digital Boardroom—we also rely on our growing partner ecosystem to complement those solutions by building product extensions on top of SAP Analytics. It makes sense. It fosters collaboration and gives customers a vast spectrum of innovative analytics extensions to choose from. (more…)

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GRC Tuesdays: Global Trade Compliance – Why GRC and What Do Our Customers Have to Say?

Last year I had an opportunity to travel to three regions in the US with one of my SAP colleagues to visit ten of our best customers in the global trade management field. We had a chance to exchange information on what they’re using our SAP Global Trade Services solution for, and we had a chance to gather feedback and provide some roadmap direction as well. Having been more focused in prior years on the “traditional” enterprise governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) topics, I didn’t always understand clearly how the trade compliance piece fit in overall GRC and why it wasn’t in the supply chain side. (more…)

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Predictive Thursdays: Bringing Automated Predictive Techniques to Hadoop and Spark

New digital technologies allow companies to reimagine business models, rise to disruptive market entrants and squeeze more productivity from less resources. In the past, companies became leaders in their industries by establishing an unbeatable brand or by having a supply chain that was more efficient than anyone else’s. This is still relevant in the digital economy, but now companies have to think about using these digital technologies to their advantage. How? By turning what is driving this digital economy – THE DATA – to their advantage. (more…)

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Part 4: How to Become a Digital-Economy CFO: Reimagine Business Performance

In today’s world, volatility is the “new normal.” CFOs must equip their businesses to respond quickly in an uncertain world. Today, too many members of the organization, from senior executives to front-line employees, lack the visibility they need— relevant insights in the moment of need. To achieve this objective, finance will need to provide flexible, personalized, and on-time information to decision makers. (more…)

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