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Olympics and Cloud Analytics: What’s the Connection?

by Dan Vesset, GVPGroup Vice President of Analytics and Information Management at IDC

As the 2016 Rio Olympics remains fresh in my mind, I’m reminded of the Olympic motto “Citius, Altius, Fortius” (faster, higher, stronger). Since their inception in 1896, the goal of the modern Olympics has been to provide an international forum where the world’s elite athletes could come together and compete. That is why the founder of modern Olympics Pierre de Coubertin said that “athletes need freedom of excess. That is why we gave them this motto … a motto for people who dare to try to break records.” (more…)

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GRC Tuesdays – What Will GRC Look Like in 2021? An Anticipation Scenario

Wake up in the morning to the sound of crushing waves and with a progressively lightening-up room. Smell the freshly-ground coffee pouring into your cup via your programmable coffee machine. Scan your empty bottle of milk on your fridge to automatically add it to your online shopping cart to be delivered in the afternoon. Swipe your finger to read the most up-to-date news before jumping into your auto-driven car for your first meeting of the day—with virtual attendance of course. Remember when all of this was pure science fiction? Well, except for the auto-driven car that is currently being tested, all the rest has been here for a few years now! (more…)

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Part Two: Winning Your End Users – SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio or SAP BusinessObjects Lumira or …

As I explained last week in Part One,  large enterprises using the SAP BusinessObjects BI suite have users that are looking for self-service and agility. And this is when the self-service dilemma often starts for them, because users, architects and IT leaders have come to believe that SAP BusinessObjects Lumira is the ultimate tool to provide for every end user. However, in a lot of cases, SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio can cover all the end user needs. Solving this dilemma boils down to  understanding which SAP BusinessObjects  component  is the best suited. (more…)

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Predictive Thursdays: The #SAPTechEd Season Is Back!

This Fall, #SAPTechEd will take place in Las Vegas (September), Bangalore (October), and Barcelona (November). The best go-to-market and product management experts on SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analytics will deliver many different sessions (lectures, hands-on sessions,and yes, even a CodeJAM) during these three major SAP events. Here is a run-down of everything predictive that you won’t want to miss. (more…)

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The ROI on Mobility

For a majority of the workforce, mobile data accessibility is not a “nice-to-have.”  It’s a necessity.  This shouldn’t come as a surprise, since IDC reports that over the next five years about 75% of the workforce will be mobile workers, equating to around 105.4 million people.  (more…)

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