By Loren Ha, Marketing Intern, BI Solution Marketing

Following the latest release of Gartner’s Market Share Analysis: Business Intelligence (BI), Analytics and Performance Management, 2010, Worldwide, SAP holds onto the number one spot in the combined BI market (including platforms, CPM suites, analytic applications and performance management) with a commanding market share of 23%. Oracle, the next leading competitor holds 16% of the market, followed by IBM with 12%.

In only the past few years, SAP has transformed from a software company focused on delivering just ERP solutions to a company that is committed to both innovation and leadership in the domains of business analytics and mobility, all the while transforming how we access data to answer the questions that matter. Since the global recession, Business Intelligence at SAP has experienced a 16.8% increase in growth, above the industry average of 13.4%. BI is now a market segment with annual sales that exceed $10 billion.

BI platforms made up 63.7% of BI software revenue, while CPM suites and analytic applications accounted for 20.6% and 15.7% of the total revenue, respectively. With $2.4 billion in BI revenue, SAP contributed to almost a quarter of all BI software sales.

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Market Share Analysis: Business Intelligence, Analytics and Performance Management, 2010, Worldwide” by Dan Sommer and Bhavish Sood, April 18, 2011.

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