Who says you can’t view Xcelsius Dashboards on an iPad?

SAP partner Exxova sure doesn’t, check out this quick video demo of their new iPad app called MyBI Mobile. Exxova shows a server view into Xcelsius dashboard models, thus extending the flash based view to the iPad. And just for kicks they also have sample Webi and Crystal Reports to play with.

































Want even more ways to display Xcelsius Dashboards on the iPad?

There are a few other apps out there (CloudBrowse and iSwifter) that will display flash on the iPad, here’s a few screenshots of Xcelsius dashboards on the iPad from the latest Baseball demo experience on www.experience.sap.com



















When will SAP have an app that displays Xcelsius Dashboards on the iPad?

Check out the latest SAP mobile analytics vision and strategy, a new Business Analytics mobile app will display content from Crystal, Webi, Explorer, and Xcelsius as well as integrate workflow from the SAP Business Suite and the Sybase Unwired Platform for enterprise management and security of mobile devices. This vision will extend the capabilities that are available today with the Mobile BI app and Explorer for Mobile app. Stay connected with the Business Analytics blog and watch for more details on this exciting new vision for mobile analytics in the months to come.

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