Watch this short demo of business analytics and “BIG” world population data in action. Discover trends and insights on world population data and help take decisions to action.

Try these analytics for yourself and join the conversation for a world of 7 billion at


Watch the 7 Billion Webcast Online

Watch the latest replays for the online innovation event for a world of 7 billion. Follow the conversation for 7 billion via Twitter


InnoJam – Innovation and Technology Ideas for 7 Billion 

Watch the results online from InnoJam.

Recent articles and blogs for Business Analytics on 7 Billion world population data.

CNN – The Buzz Behind 7 Billion people a Milestone and a Warning

FastCompany – An Interactive Dashboard that Explores the Impact of a World with Seven Billion People

SmartPlanet – The Global Population will Reach 7 Billion, here are 7 things you didn’t know





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