As Chris Grundy mentioned in his summary of day 1 in the Business Analytics Campus test-drive area, SAPPHIRE NOW Madrid is a happening place. Below is a roundup of a few of the latest blog posts on the SAPPHIRE NOW blog related to business analytics.

  • Mobility in the SAPPHIRE NOW Keynote and Panel Discussion, by Clemens Suter-Crazzolara
    What an exciting first half day we had at SAPPHIRE NOW from Madrid! In his keynote, Jim Snabe honed in on the four-spiked strategy of SAP: core, in-memory, on-demand, and on-device. In regards to mobility, let me highlight just a few of Jim’s key mobility statements: Read more…

  • What’s New from the “Funnest” Team at SAP?, by Christine Benton
    Other teams might debate this, but in an industry analyst briefing today at SAPPHIRE NOW, Jack Miller, general manager and global vice president for SAP StreamWork, enthusiastically called SAP StreamWork the “funnest” team inside SAP. Why? It’s working on creating software for the social enterprise, an evolution on the way we work that is “truly new,” according to Miller. Read more…


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