There’s a lot of buzz about BIG data these days raising the question — how are organizations tapping into the value of their data to drive business outcomes?

Two sessions from SapphireNOW Madrid addressed this with topics on SAP’s strategy for analytics and BIG data, and the use of “intelligent data” within organizations today. Watch these presentations to learn how organizations are bringing together BIG data, mobile, and predictive capabilities to uncover new insights and move beyond managing data to drive new business outcomes.

Understand Key Trends in Analytics
James Fisher, Vice President, Analytics Marketing, SAP @jamesafisher
Jason Rose, Vice President, Business Intelligence Marketing, SAP @rosejason


Drive innovation and growth with Intelligent Data
John Schweitzer, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Analytics, SAP


How are you gaining value and insight from your BIG data? We’d love to hear your intelligent data story. Join the Data Geek Challenge to see how others are gaining insight into their data and uncovering creative insights to drive business outcome.


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