Picture1.4Wow…it’s almost three hours post the close of day two at SAPPHIRE NOW Orlando, and I’m still feeling the buzz. And no, I didn’t have any of the beer or wine being poured at showroom booths – my tweets would have been way more creative if I had.

Seriously, it was an energy-filled day oozing with information, some captured in the @SAPAnalytics tweet stream and some in the videos we’ve taken of SAP customers, partners, and employees. Topics ranged from #BPCHANA, predictive, and BI innovations to sentiment analysis, talent analytics, and more. See below for highlighted videos


Fun Stuff

●  Fitness Analytics: Are you into fitness and at SAPPHIRE? Do you have a Fitbit, Fitband, or other activity tracker? Than join our fitness fun. It’s easy…just export your data for Tuesday – Thursday and send it to sapbizanalytics@gmail.com. Get the rest of the details at Fitness Analytics at ASUG and SAPPHIRE NOW Orlando.

@TimoElliott is at 27K steps; @gpmyers has over 26K with half a day missing; and Marie Alami is at almost 21K. Me? I’m so low it’s embarrassing: 16,340. I predict, I’ll finish last in our Data Geek video. How many steps have you racked up?

●  U2’s Bono – Almost: People were in a flutter this afternoon when “Bono” made an appearance near the Analytics campus. There was a lot of debate on whether he was “live or Memorex,” but it was fun nonetheless. I convinced Marie to take a picture with him, for which she’ll never forgive me, because @ReadSoft published a blog featuring our photo, posted once again here, too. Hey, if she’s going to be mad, I might as well go all out. ;-)

So was it Bono? I don’t think so, and rumor has it a partner hired several impersonators for the show, but this guy was good. Even @cvozella and @tamiller1973 thought he was the real deal. What do you think?





Jim Hagemann Snabe’s keynote was chock full of information, announcements, and great quotes (see below). Besides the nature analogy that he carried throughout, he touched on three quantum leaps. If we take them, he says, we have an opportunity to rethink business models and use technology to create major new opportunities and make quantum leaps in our businesses:

  • #1: SAP HANA is the innovation platform. It’s the biggest business innovation in the last 20 years – all data in memory.
  • #2: The cloud. At SAP, everything is cloud. SAP has a 1B run rate, 29M users, 9.8M SAP Jam subscribers, $460B in transactions, and 90-day software cycles in the cloud.
  • #3: Empower all people. It’s not just about empowering employees; it’s also about empowering customers – in real time. It’s also about empowering the user experience with applications. The digital era is all about people.

Check out SAP Bloggers Corner for a summary of today’s announcements.

Favorite Quotes

All of my favorite quotes – except for the cigarette one – are from today’s keynote:

  • In nature, you’re either at the table or on the table. ~ @JimSnabe
  • #HANA is like asking a question of twice the world’s population and getting an answer in milliseconds. ~ Ron Dennis, @McLarenF1
  • We’re going from 30 years with the same system to something new every month. ~ @Timken
  • The future of healthcare is not curing diseases, it’s preventing diseases. ~ @JimSnabe
  • In business, evolution isn’t random. It’s deliberate. It’s deliberate by companies who innovate, lead, and have the guts to define the future. ~ @JimSnabe
  • We used #HANA to react fast to a bad situation; end user said “that was so good, I need a cigarette!” ~ Customer Quote via @TimoElliott
  • It’s time to unleash your inner wet tiger. ~ @TimoElliott

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