by Karuna Mukherjea, EPM Product Marketing, SAP

Germany, Bavaria, Munich, Business people using digital tablet, smilingRecently I came across the term “Mocial”. Simply put, “Mocial” is a combination of mobile and social, and implies how everything we do is connected to our phones and tablets that we carry on person or in our bags. The buzz around Mocial is usually in the context or Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Linkedin, and Google+ to name a few. However, this is extremely relevant when you put this concept in an organization. In the past I have been talking, writing, and speaking about the new “Mobile Organization” and specifically the new “Mobile Finance Organization” and the “Connected CFO”.

When we talk about the concept of Mocial in an enterprise, we aren’t necessarily talking about updating your status on Facebook from a finance application or Tweeting from a finance dashboard. We’re really talking about the mobile collaboration that gets enabled within the organization by adopting the right applications and technology.

It’s about enabling a system that can help you manage your enterprise performance data anytime, anywhere; collaborate with key stakeholders within the organization as decisions are made; and then socialize those decisions and the strategies that support the decisions.

SAP is taking the lead in mobile enterprise performance management (EPM), going beyond pure consumption of data on a mobile device by enabling action – users can monitor, plan, input, approve and reject anytime/anywhere. SAP mobile solutions for EPM enables finance organizations to stay connected anytime and anywhere.

In an article published by IBM they describe the CFO as the “Chief Future Officer”. The role of CFO has transformed from a “reporter” of information to a “steward” for growth. More and more CFOs are leveraging advanced analytics in conjunction with technologies like mobility, social networks, and SAP HANA to drive agility in the organization, enable a collaborative decision making framework, and predict outcomes based on data and insight.

Collaborative Decision Making

A key component for SAP mobile solutions for EPM is the native integration that we have with SAP JAM. This is what brings the Mocial into the solution. SAP JAM is an enterprise social network solution that facilitates collaboration in every level of the business and helps to speed up the planning process and collaborate on key initiatives in the organization. Let’s take a look at some specific examples where we have leveraged these collaboration features in our EPM applications.

  • Business Planning: As executives and analysts are reviewing their operating expenses in the planning functionality within SAP EPM Unwired, and notice a variation in expenses, the best course of action is to immediately follow up with the owner of that particular item and have it clarified. With SAP JAM integration, they’re able to easily capture screenshots, draw on the screen, enter annotations, and then send an e-mail to the appropriate person directly from their iPad. All this without ever leaving the planning application.  This really drives collaborative decision making within the organization.

  • Enterprise Insight: Another area where we’re seeing a huge adoption of collaboration is around communicating and monitoring your company’s strategic goals and initiatives. As part of the SAP mobile solutions for EPM, SAP EPM Unwired provides enterprise insight capabilities that enable organizations to publish performance goals and results to employees, senior management, boards of directors, and other key constituents. This way, when executives monitor their key performance indicators (KPIs) and initiatives  and decide they would like to get more information or even alter an initiative, they can easily reach out to their key stakeholders by leveraging SAP JAM features,  even  sending out screen captures and annotations via e-mail.

So while we aren’t enabling you to update your Facebook status with the latest trends of your KPIs, or Tweet where you are in your planning process from your iPad, we are helping you  go “Mocial” by helping you to collaborate with your colleagues on key enterprise initiatives and processes in real time anywhere from your iPad!

For more information on SAP mobile solutions for EPM, read our blog post on CFO Knowledge or better still, download from iTunes.

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