42-15581982-Lumira CloudFortune magazine showed the recent dramatic increase in the price of limes – yes, the fruit – using SAP Lumira to create a compelling visualization to show the price spike.

In the 2014 FIFA World Cup Final, SAP Lumira was used to show that it wasn’t the end of the game that generated the most SMS traffic in Germany – it was Germany’s first goal of the game.

These are fun examples, but global companies are also benefiting from using SAP Lumira. Daimler Trucks is using it to identify and track potential sales for dealers. eBay uses it to share their predictive models with their product managers. Swisscom is using it to share business KPIs with infographics and for self-service data analytics. And the list goes on…

So, how does SAP Lumira stack up the competition? What makes it special? What can it do now, and what will it be able to do tomorrow?

These were the burning topics in our latest #askSAP Analytics Community Call– which we host quarterly. Our calls are highly interactive and enable participants to get involved, ask questions, submit opinions, and see compelling demos. (If you missed the call, you can see the presentation and replay here.)

So what makes SAP Lumira so special? In summary, its key differentiators are:

  • Infographics and stories
  • Smart insights with recommended visualizations
  • Trusted data discovery integrated with BI platform

During the call, we looked at what SAP Lumira can do now – including real customer benefit stories – and what it will do tomorrow – quite literally, as the next update, SAP Lumira 1.21, was released the day after our call.

SAP Lumira Roadmap

Ty Miller outlined the SAP Lumira Roadmap. Highlights of 1.20, which was released just a couple of months ago include:

  • Localization in 9 languages – with more to come
  • Dynamic toolbar icons for one-click access to popular actions
  • More interactive storytelling via more interactive infographics.

The ability to create infographics with data has been a huge hit. Users can be even more creative and interactive in the visualizations.

We also embraced the open source community, which is creating – and sharing – some amazing visualization and data extensions. We encourage the developer ecosystem to continue riffing off those – and keep coming up capabilities we haven’t even dreamt of.

Compelling demos

Next, participants got to see demos of 1.21 (desktop version) and the new SAP Lumira team server – SAP Lumira, Edge edition.

What’s new in 1.21:

  • Single sign-on to SQL Server
  • Incremental performance improvements
  • More and updated Big Data platforms
  • Number formatting improvements in Compose room
  • Exploration visualization in stories
  • New and improved samples

SAP Lumira, Edge edition, in Beta release starting December 12, provides agile visualization for departments and teams. Enterprise customers can roll out departmental or pilot projects, and then connect to the BI platform later on. It features an SAP HANA-based columnar, in-memory data engine. Customers can setup, install and visualize on Windows in 15 minutes, with standard hardware. They can also view, modify and share SAP Lumira documents in the browser.

Replay the call

Full recording
Presentation slides
Demo of SAP Lumira Desktop 1.21
Demo of SAP Lumira Edge
Answers to Q&A

The #askSAP Twitter feed is still open for more questions and chat, which will all be followed-up by SAP Analytics experts.

For more info, visit saplumira.com.

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