by Ryan Goodman, Centigon Solutions

Four employees gathered around a digital tabletAs a developer, the SAP BusinessObjects SDKs and APIs provide me, and other developers, with a playground for experimentation. But more importantly it gives us a foundation for innovation. This is especially true with recent modernization of SAP Lumira extension development through the SAP HANA Cloud Platform. It increases the speed for creating new visualizations and what developer doesn’t like innovation and more speed.

While SAP Lumira extension SDK can open doors for new extensions, many organizations lack the capacity, or patience from demanding analysts to wait for new custom components.

The Lumira extension SDK can open doors for many new extensions.


Location Intelligence Extensions as a Service

With the demand for Location Analytics on the rise, our CMaps Analytics team looked at SAP HANA Cloud development as a perfect model to drive value to the SAP Lumira ecosystem. Through a cloud-based CMaps Analytics Designer, you can automatically transform maps templates into native Lumira extensions, HTML5 views, or Web Intelligence visualizations.


CMaps Analytics Designer is built on top of CMaps Analytics cloud APIs which includes Google Maps for Work. With a browser based designer, non-developers have access to hundreds of clickable properties and over a dozen common visualization types designed for Business Intelligence.  As users click their way through custom maps template design, the resulting Lumira extension is downloaded and installed directly into SAP Lumira. The goal and benefit of injecting cloud services into Lumira is fast delivery and support by Business Intelligence teams quickly deliver new capabilities to the masses.

Why Maps are Important

According to the 2014 Wisdom of Crowds Location Intelligence Market Study by Dresner Advisory Services, “Over 70% of business users interviewed expressed Location Intelligence as critical or important for a BI strategy”. While maps come out of the box with SAP Lumira, the conversations and requirements can quickly outgrow the available geo data coverage, features, and analytics that ultimately require an investment in GIS and/or cloud services.


In the case of CMaps Analytics, Google Maps APIs provides an important foundation which is an accumulation of petabytes of data, served up through CMaps Analytics APIs. From geocoding, to drive time calculations and even high-resolution aerial photography, the expansive global coverage and billions of dollars of investment in infrastructure from Google Maps is effortlessly delivered as Business intelligence extensions.

Does your organization use location intelligence today? If so, post a comment to share your use case.

Author Bio

Ryan is Centigon Solutions CEO, author, and expert in Business Intelligence. Ryan applies over 12 years designing business applications to his leadership role shaping CMaps Analytics’ Location Intelligence platform strategy.  Today, Ryan is focused on pushing wider adoption of Business Intelligence through visualization and location-based services, and evangelization through the new Analytics on Fire community.



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