by Susan Galer, Communications Director, SAP*

Tech raises the bar (literally): After a whirlwind kick-off day at SAPPHIRE NOW, the innovation buzz hit overdrive at the SAP Leonardo & Analytics Smart-Bar reception this week.

Combining the latest technologies with a dash of swanky fun, the Smart-Bar showcased the power of SAP Cloud Analytics by helping expert mixologists serve up deftly crafted drinks with names like Mojito of Things, BI Bourbon, Analytics Ale, Cloud Chardonnay, and AI Sauvignon.

“We launched SAP Leonardo, our digital innovation engine that includes machine learning, and we wanted to go big, throwing a fun party that uses data analytics and insights,” said Rachel Ho, product marketing manager for SAP Analytics and business intelligence. “Customers are very enthusiastic about our innovations and they’re eager to hear more.”

This Is What Data-Driven Tastes Like

The Smart Bar’s app asked people a series of ever-changing, random questions to figure out someone’s best drink choice. The queries were constantly changing as the machine “learned” from cumulative answers. The questions were designed to reveal your personality, style, taste, and more.

What was your last drink? What’s your mood? Light or dark? Pint or old-fashioned glass? Speakeasy or pub? Are you looking to blend in or make a statement? Do you look forward most to a drink at the end of a hard day or beginning of a long night?

Fortified with the back story, I bellied up to the—um—app screen, and answered my five questions. After watching an animated cocktail shaker do its thing, the app recommended what happens to be one of my favorite drinks—Cloud Chardonnay. Brilliant.


Conversations Overheard

The convivial crowd included four gentlemen in plaid shirts and dark jeans who said they were from Germany, and cheered as the app recommended beers for each in succession. A woman dressed all in white sighed as she eyed the screen, “I just hope it names something other than what I’m already drinking.” Several people were as stumped as I was when the app asked us to choose between describing ourselves as “the life of the party” or “a wallflower.”

The results are calculated in real time in SAP Cloud Analytics.

A Toast to Analytics

From what I could see, the hot spot more than paid off on its promise, giving several hundred SAP customers, experts, and thought leaders the incredible taste of a live, digital-business experience. Everyone enjoyed smart pours from the bar, while colorful screens around the room displayed trending drinks in real time.

Intelligent Data Is Drink of Choice

An hour later, the Mojito of Things was trending high on the charts, the four men in checkered shirts had purposefully switched to BI Bourbon, and the woman in white looked as happy as the rest of the data-driven crowd. I can’t think of a more fitting debut for SAP Leonardo. Let the good times roll!

Learn More about SAP Leonardo and SAP Cloud Analytics

Rachel Ho and Mitesh Patel welcomed guests.

*This post originally appeared on the SAP news center . All photos courtesy of the SAP Analytics Team. 


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