The GeniusHub for SAP Lumira Launches!

The idea started several years ago when I signed-up for Aeroplan’s digital insight community, which then spawned the conversation here at SAP… why don’t we do something like this with our customers?

The proposition is simple. We want to hear exactly what individual users think about very specific topics. And we want to make it simple for people to participate. (more…)

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Foster a Culture of Analytics and Revolutionize Decision-Making

by John Schweitzer, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Analytics, SAP

Earlier this week, I kicked off the Analytics campus at SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando and was thrilled to talk about SAP’s “Decision Revolution.” More than ever before, SAP is focused on changing how our customers make better, more informed decisions. Every day, companies are faced with decisions about which products to launch, how to meet regulatory requirements and how to take their operations mobile, just to name a few. That’s where driving an analytics culture and the Decision Revolution come into play.


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Analytics and Social Collaboration – A Perfect Match

by James Fisher, Vice President Marketing, Analytics, SAP

The analytics team I work with are scattered all over the globe in different time zones. Other than for a few late evening calls, it generally works out well, mostly thanks to technology and social software that makes collaboration much easier these days.

Collaboration software moved on apace yesterday when SAP announced the availability of new analytics capabilities, based upon the market-leading analytics solutions from SAP, in the collaborative decision-making application SAP StreamWork. SAP leads the way in both markets, but now we’ve brought them together so that users can upload, explore, analyze, and visualize data directly within SAP StreamWork – and collaborate with teams no matter where they are.

Surely, it’s the perfect match. Decision making en masse, in a collaborative environment with access to trusted data. I think so.


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Mobile BI Minute: Collaborative Decisions with Mobile BI and SAP StreamWork

This week’s Mobile BI Minute gives a demo of how you can share a report snapshot with SAP BusinessObjects Mobile into SAP StreamWork, SAP’s enterprise collaboration tool.



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SAP Vancouver Supports Dress for Success with #SweaterTie Tuesdays

Sweater-Tie Count Update: 

As of Tuesday, April 24th we have an official count of 467 Sweater-Tie photos! We are well on our way to 1,000 Sweater-Tie’s, thanks to everyone for sending in their pics.



What do enterprise collaboration and business intelligence (BI) have in common this year? Both are in the top 10 CIO priorities for 2012. Both tie together capabilities that help businesses make collaborative decisions. And both support having some serious fun while raising funds for local charities.

The SAP Vancouver team is bringing attention to the clothing charity, Dress for Success Vancouver, with Sweater-Tie Tuesdays. Dress for Success Vancouver promotes the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of support and career development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.


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