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Foster a Culture of Analytics and Revolutionize Decision-Making

by John Schweitzer, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Analytics, SAP

Earlier this week, I kicked off the Analytics campus at SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando and was thrilled to talk about SAP’s “Decision Revolution.” More than ever before, SAP is focused on changing how our customers make better, more informed decisions. Every day, companies are faced with decisions about which products to launch, how to meet regulatory requirements and how to take their operations mobile, just to name a few. That’s where driving an analytics culture and the Decision Revolution come into play.


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Hear What SAP Customers Have to Say about Business Analytics from SAP

Last month, we posted the first in a new monthly blog post series highlighting the latest customer videos. We love hearing about the great things our customers are accomplishing

Here’s a look at the newest videos on SAP Business Analytics TV:


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BIG Data with BI 4.0

You can load, model, and analyze data in SAP HANA. Now, see how SAP HANA brings BIG Data to Business Intelligence. Now you can learn more from this tutorial, which takes you through the high-level steps for using SAP HANA with BI 4.0.

SAP HANA is a high-performance analytic appliance that provides SAP software components optimized on hardware from SAP’s leading hardware partners. SAP HANA’s in-memory computing engine enables organizations to effectively analyze business operations based on very large volumes of detailed real-time data, without affecting backend enterprise applications or databases. (more…)

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SAPPHIRE NOW: Day 1—A View from the Test-Drive Area

Chris Grundy, Manager, Solution Marketing

It’s approaching seven o’clock in the evening here in Madrid, and we’re about to close up shop on the Business Analytics Campus test drive area for the day. It’s been a long, but interesting day and for a SAPPHIRE newbie (yes, my first excursion to a Sapphire event), it’s been particularly interesting to see the size and scope of this show.


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Sanjay Poonen talks SAP HANA and Oracle’s Exalytics

Watch this video interview with Sanjay Poonen, president for global solutions at SAP AG. Sanjay talks about cloud computing services and competition with Oracle Corp in his interview with Emily Chang and Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television.


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