Many have heard or read about SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for Microsoft Office. So, you might be familiar with a couple of its key strengths already. On the first hand, how this new analysis solution results from the Pioneer software project aimed at bringing together the best of SAP Business Explorer (SAP BEx) with the best of SAP BusinessObjects Voyager into a next generation BI solution. On the second hand, how its modern and compelling user experience leads to greater user satisfaction through self-service features that empower business users and therefore ultimately drives significant adoption within the target user population.

Light footprint and versatile deployment scenarios

I’d like now to briefly shed some light on an additional value that makes SAP BusinessObjects Analysis a perfect fit for your IT organizations in order to bring innovation without disruption to your SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (SAP NetWeaver BW) deployment. Not only it runs natively on top of your current SAP NetWeaver BW version 7 instances with all your existing SAP BEx queries, but also SAP BusinessObjects Analysis comes with a light footprint and versatile deployment scenarios that make it for an easy adoption for all organizations and lay the groundwork for ongoing benefits as you proceed along the business intelligence maturity curve.

First, its light footprint enables for a quick start with SAP BusinessObjects Analysis as a client/server application and a streamlined implementation that mitigates risks associated to the adoption of any new technology. Then, its versatile deployment scenarios will enable you to leverage the SAP BusinessObjects BI platform as you adopt it –at your own pace– to bring modern and compelling BI to more users across the organizations beyond the population of business analysts well served with SAP BusinessObjects Analysis. You can even start with the SAP BusinessObjects BI platform with the current version XI 3.1 that many SAP customers have successfully deployed in production in the last years to serve large user populations.

Benefits today, benefits tomorrow

While SAP BusinessObjects Analysis delivers tangible business benefits in the here and now, it also makes your future brighter. Over time, as your organization grows more and more accustomed to SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, you can move at your own pace to adopt other solutions in the SAP BusinessObjects solution portfolio. In the end, you can optimize the TCO of your business intelligence environment while enjoying a high ROI as your business users extract greater value from the software and more insight from your business data.

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Thierry Audas
Solution Marketing
Business Intelligence at SAP