Megan Mittler, Knowledge & Learning team

How do you learn how to use software? Do you install it and explore around the tool yourself? Do you ask a colleague to spend some time to teach you? Do you look at the product documentation? We all have different learning styles, but some methods of learning new information are standing out more than others these days. How many of the following do you identify with?

Social: Community-based, sharing of knowledge
You trust the experience of others, such as going to a travel advisor for ratings when booking a hotel, or looking for a definition on Wikipedia.

On demand: Immediate, contextualized
Your time is precious; you want bite-sized nuggets of information just in time to get the job done.

Dynamic: Interactive, current
You get engaged when presented with relevant, up-to-date information that invites you to interact and get involved. You want a visual and hands-on experience.

eLearning Transformed in SAP BusinessObjects 4.0

In addition to all the new features within the BI suite, you can now take full advantage of the power of BI through this exciting way to learn the technology. We are responding to some of the most common forms of learning today in the 4.0 release by offering interactive eLearning tutorials publically available on the SAP Community network, and in many cases linked in-product. Animated concepts, product navigation, and step-by-step interactive eLearning tutorials are provided to help you quickly and easily get the information you need to accomplish a task, and make better and more intuitive use of our products. You can take part in this learning community by rating and reviewing the content, commenting, and sending us your feedback and suggestions. To continually serve your learning needs, these eLearning materials will be dynamically updated as content is developed, so continue to check back often.

This investment in learning innovation aims to satisfy your immediate information needs – learn as much or a little as you want, whether checking out basic topics to get started for the first time, or reviewing new features introduced in this release. Not yet using some of these BI tools? These tutorials provide great insight into how they can work within your organization. Check out tutorials for products like:

SAP Crystal Reports 2011
SAP Crystal Reports for Enterprise
SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards (Xcelsius)
SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence
SAP BusinessObjects Explorer
SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform
SAP BusinessObjects Information Design Tool

Get up and running faster, use SAP products better, and help your organization fully realize your BI potential. Check out how SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0 brings new innovations to the way we learn Business Intelligence.

Megan Mittler,
Knowledge & Learning team, BI Suite Product Management