First – a recap. SAP StreamWork is a collaborative decision making, or problem solving, application that’s accessible to individuals, nonprofits and companies of all sizes to help solve challenges such as: What did I miss at the last meeting? Why do I have seven different copies of a spreadsheet named “Final Version”? And, where should we host the next event?

Building on a freemium subscription model as well as a modestly priced professional edition, SAP recently launched the enterprise edition of SAP StreamWork. Key additions include advanced security features through a partnership with Novell, integration with Google apps (plus availability in the Google Apps Marketplace), SAP StreamWork mobile for BlackBerry and iPhone, and enterprise integrations with SAP Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and SAP BusinessObjects Strategy Management.

Much has been said about workforce shifts to an Enterprise 2.0 culture, and there has been debate over what technologies will get us there. Industry analysts validate the need for – and potential growth of – collaborative decision making applications, noting that SAP StreamWork leads an emerging market category that captures and brings structure to the work while complementing the functionality of existing social software platforms.

WikiLeaks-type breaches serve as a powerful reminder of the need to keep security top of mind. Software vendors need to bridge the gap between business people’s needs for software that’s easy to obtain and use, and the difficulties this brings about for IT in managing the security of placing corporate information in the cloud. As a result of co-innovation with Novell, the new enterprise edition of SAP StreamWork  uses SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and SUSE Appliance Toolkit from Novell to ensure security of the data shared in the integration of SAP’s cloud-based application with any on-premise system.

Now, IT departments possess the enterprise-class features and controls they need to manage things like integration, security, comprehensive auditing and access controls. SAP can provide a standard foundation for collaboration and activity streams (feeds) across heterogeneous environments to secure corporate data from enterprise systems to the cloud. With activity streams or direct integrations with any application, users can easily monitor work activities, people and events, and obtain quick notification of changes in the business for rapid response.

To gain an IT administrator perspective of SAP StreamWork, enterprise edition, you can watch a short YouTube video by clicking here.

Through integration with Google Apps, SAP StreamWork is available in the Google Apps Marketplace and Google Apps users can sign into SAP StreamWork using their Google or Google Apps login. Soon they will also be able to do collaborative editing in Google Docs directly within SAP StreamWork.

Finally, mobile workers will soon be able to make sound decisions anywhere they roam with the mobile SAP StreamWork application for BlackBerry and iPhone.

Enterprise Integration
With SAP StreamWork, users can access corporate information via activity streams (feeds) or by direct integrations with other applications, enabling easy monitoring of work activities, people and events, and quick notification to users of changes in the business for rapid response. It not only provides people with the ability to work the way they want to, but it also offers IT departments enterprise-class features and controls to expertly manage integration and security.

Today, customers can experience integration for the SAP Product Lifecycle Management application, for example, with upcoming integrations planned for the SAP Customer Relationship Management, SAP BusinessObjects Strategy Management. Also new are the social-intelligence capabilities allowing people to start leveraging the power of social networks in a business context. For example, SAP anticipates with added social intelligence people will be able to search and explore connections to discover subject matter experts and recommend relevant content. Click here to watch a video from the 2010 SAP Influencer Summit of David Meyer explaining SAP StreamWork in greater detail.