Marie Goodell, BI/EIM Solution Marketing

Minor and major events happen every day of our life! This week, my 1990 Nissan Maxima (with 300,000+ miles) died. Luckily, I wasn’t on the freeway when the transmission gave out! But it would have been nice having early notification of the problem, so that I didn’t have to beg a colleague for a ride to the train station to get back home.

Monitoring business events
Being able to track and monitor business events is becoming critical for companies to respond quickly to emerging opportunities or business threats before it’s too late. That is why so many of our customers are excited about SAP BusinessObjects Event Insight – a new EIM solution that went into ramp-up in December 2010. Some of the early adopters who have tried out this new solution have shared the following comments with us.

  • An automotive supplier is using the solution to monitor changes between planned and actual production.  “We can query various data sources in real time, compare events against pre-defined conditions using dashboards, and receive alerts when production drops 20%. This enables us to move quickly to adjust production, so that sales and delivery commitments are met”.
  • A railway company is using the solution to monitor railroad track availability and fuel consumption across the country. “With a real-time view into business events, our operators are better informed, and we can make alternate plans to keep our deliveries on time and our customers satisfied.”
  • An electricity corporation is using the solution to track the generation and consumption of electricity at plants using dashboards and alert notifications. “With real-time visibility into power generation and demand, we can ensure cost-effective distribution of electricity across the country”.

What  is SAP BusinessObjects Event Insight?
SAP BusinessObjects Event Insight is a new EIM solution that enables business users to discover and understand the business impact of events in real-time by delivering:

  • A unique intelligent event grid (patent-pending) that distributes the processing and monitoring of  events in real-time from multiple data sources across a distributed network
  • A complex event processing (CEP) engine that processes event streams ( in excess of 500K per record) to identify complex patterns that may represent business opporunties or threats
  • Integration with the semantic layer in SAP BusinessObjects BI platform, which supports queries on top of event streams, correlation of event data with transactional data, alerts to business users, and delivery of information to BI  tools, such as SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards and SAP Crystal Reports
  • An administrative UI enabling you to set up event agents on multiple data sources (e.g. data warehouses, applications, sensors, message-driven middleware) to monitor structured or unstructured data without programming

Real-time, operational business intelligence
With SAP BusinessObjects Event Insight, your organization can:

  • Monitor operational processes in real-time across a business network
  • Provide contextual insight by meshing business events with historical trends to identify patterns and anomalies in an evolving business environment
  • Send alerts to business users, so that they can detect and react to changing business conditions.

SAP BusinessObjects Event Insight can be used in many LOBs and industries.  Some examples include:

  • Supply chain management:  Monitor the supply chain so that when the system detects a problem with an order, an alert is sent to customer care who can proactively contact your customer with an updated delivery date
  • Customer relations: Monitor customer sentiment by looking for keywords in streams of social media using SAP BusinessObjects Text Analysis and sending alerts
  • Location-based processing:  Track and trace a product or package by setting an event trigger to notify you when a product arrives at a particular location
  • Health care: Monitor patient vital signs and send alerts to physicians via mobile devices when action is required
  • Mining operations: Use sensors to monitor performance levels across a grid and identify patterns between unrelated events.  Send alerts to handle potential failures
  • Utilities: Monitor meters to detect outages, alert customers, and dispatch field resources to address problems

The SAP Community Network Web site has some great demos using SAP BusinessObjects Event Insight.  Check out:

Let me know what you think! What important events are tracking at your business?

Cheers, Marie