Run Smarter with the Latest Release of SAP BusinessObjects Solutions and Analytics Applications

See our analytic applications and our latest release of SAP’s business intelligence and enterprise information management solutions in action. Discover how companies are leveraging these innovations today to achieve the remarkable. Watch this deep dive and learn how to run smarter with the latest release of SAP BusinessObjects Solutions and Analytics Applications. (Registration required).

SAP HANA for Real-Time Analysis of Large Data Volumes and a Competitive Advantage

SAP has introduced a High-Performance Analytic Appliance (SAP HANA) which will enable companies to transform their business and achieve a competitive advantage by enabling them to analyze very large data sets in real time at unprecedented speed. Watch the session for Real-Time Analysis featuring HANA, to learn how this transformational capability will enable real time sales, inventory, cost and profitability analysis which can transform your business. (Registration required).

Sybase IQ: A New & Powerful Option on the Horizon

Learn how proven Sybase technologies, such as IQ, can provide you with a cost-effective solution for supercharging your business intelligence environment and make SAP BusinessObjects solutions run faster for more users over more data, asking more complex queries than ever before. Together, SAP BusinessObjects solutions and Sybase IQ can help make your analytics environment run better. Watch the replay of this session. (Registration required).