By David Williams, Senior Director of Marketing, Enteprise Performance Management

The launch of SAP BusinessObjects enterprise performance management (EPM) 10.0 solutions has finally arrived! It’s been an incredible journey over the last few weeks as we’ve prepared for this exciting day – the biggest EPM launch in SAP’s history!

Over the course of the last few weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with a number of industry analysts and customers about what’s coming in the release, how it’s different from other offerings in the marketplace, and most importantly how it will help our customers drive better performance in their respective organizations. One of the key themes of this release is how SAP BusinessObjects EPM 10.0 solutions are helping transform how people and organizations work, enabling them to be more agile and better compete in this hyper-competitive economy.

SAP BusinessObjects EPM 10.0 Solutions Drive Mobile Performance Management

A major factor contributing to this “transformation” is the use of mobile technologies to un-tether workers from their desktops/laptops and drive performance management wherever, whenever.

Mobile performance management with SAP BusinessObjects EPM 10 solutions goes beyond simply viewing a report on a mobile phone or tablet. Rather, you conduct performance management processes on iPads, PlayBooks, and other tablets; processes like:

  • Viewing a performance scorecard and drilling into the root cause
  • Modeling different potential actions/scenarios
  • Writing-back budget data

In fact, the gesture capabilities of tablets allow you to quickly scroll through screens and complete multiple actions in a single step – actually saving time.

Mobile business intelligence (BI) and EPM are definitely hot topics right now and of great interest to industry analysts. But it’s much more than just a buzzword.

Conversations with one customer revealed that they had thousands of retail outlets needing to enter forecasted sales on a daily basis. They envisioned SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation and the rest of the 10.0 release – combined with tablets – as a potential “killer app.” And actually, SAP has deployed thousands of iPads and is one of the first organizations to receive the recently launched PlayBook from Research in Motion.

See Mobility in Action at SapphireNow

If you’re attending SapphireNow this week, you’ll see a complete end-to-end performance management process delivered across different tablets (iPad and PlayBook) with SAP BusinessObjects EPM 10.0 solutions. This will be showcased in Bryan Katis’ presentation, “Launch of SAP BusinessObjects EPM 10.0 Solutions,” on Tuesday May 17 at 11am EST. Bryan’s presentation will also be shown online at And, of course, you’ll find some of us around the event with the demos on our PlayBooks and iPads.