Is there a better sport to use business intelligence software with than baseball? The latest installment of the website brings Baseball and analytics together. These new analytics aren’t just about baseball stats but gaining a deeper level of insight into the game, something for which any fantasy sports fan would gladly give up their bag of spits. The new interactive analytic views provide insight for player analysis, team analysis, play-by-play action, and even a contest where you can use your insights to win tickets to games.

Player Analysis Dashboard

Compare players from the National and American leagues on various offensive and defensive stats including batting average, on-base %, home runs, RBI’s strikeouts, singles, doubles, stolen bases, the list goes on and on.









Team Analysis Dashboard

See how your favorite teams stack up against each other and do comparative analysis of hits, batting average, and stolen bases. Or look at pitching stats for batter faced, winning percentage, and ERA to see how each team’s star pitchers compare.









What’s Going on Under the Hood?

The technology that brings this interactivity and insight to life is the SAP BusinessObjects technology portfolio including SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards, formerly known as Xcelsius. The BI technology brings real-time stats together in live, compelling, interactive dashboards that allow you to come up with interesting insights that you might not have known or even considered about your favorite teams and players. The demo’s are a great way to visualize the art of what’s possible with Business Analytics and allow you to get a taste of what BI can do for your organization, not to mention help you in your fantasy sports league! Learn more about Business Analytics at SAP.

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