Submitted by:
Isabelle Nuage, Solution Marketing, Business Analytics Group

Reality is that ever since the first abacus, organizations have used the latest technology to try to increase their performance and profits.

The need for analytics doesn’t fundamentally change – but the “how” does.

BI 4.0 will help you tackle some of the latest challenges that impact the way you run your business: 

•  Exponential growth of information. It is estimated that 4 EXABYTES of unique information will be generated this year. That is more than the previous 5,000 years

•  Mass adoption of mobile devices… 70% of China’s Internet users use a handset over a PC – this has a massive impact on the way we will conduct our business

•  Viral adoption of social media and the importance of companies to learn how to leverage this information; Facebook has more than 700 million users (source: Huffington post)… and the total # of text messages sent and received every day exceeds the total population of the planet

Time has come to revisit your BI strategy and keep your competitive edge because:

•  The nature of data has changed, (need for real-time access on big data)

•  The way BI is consumed has changed (need to mobilize the information)

•  The way people (employees, customers, partners, and suppliers) interact has changed and the increased use of social media (need to include social data to gain more insight)

With BI 4.0: