I recently presented at the SAP BusinessObjects User Conference on the eLearning tutorials we have released as part of BI 4.0 (check out my last blog to learn more). I’m still enjoying the look of shocked faces when customers find out  the availability of what’s now reaching over 500 free eLearning tutorials. The most common comment is “These are amazing!” shortly followed by, “Why aren’t these getting more attention?”. They see the value in this content providing them with a huge advantage from any previous release, in that they have been handed a basic and core training plan out of the box that they can immediately deliver to their users.

The reality is, if you want to be taking advantage of cutting-edge technology, you will need your users to stay up to speed. And for that to happen, you need to care about the realities of how most people are learning today. If they can’t figure out something right away and you don’t have the resources they need before, during, and after your implementation, you might just never realize the power of the tool you’ve invested in. Or, your users might waste a LOT of time and energy trying to figure it out. One frustrated user X thousands of other users = huge impact…everything from users’ perception of the tool they use to how effective they feel at their job. Think about a time in your career when you’ve needed to use software (even if it’s Word) and could have done it better if you knew all those features available to you that you couldn’t figure out on your own. Which brings me to my next point about how users are learning their BI tools today.

We recently completed a survey with 80 users on how they learn BI, and discovered the following:

  • 70% of users learn BI themselves (a combination of trial and error, documentation, or online resources)
  • 70% of users find the information they need through a combination of Google, You Tube, and the SAP Community Network
  • 70% said the BI Suite eLearning tutorials would either definitely or partially meeting their learning needs for adopting 4.0

This would suggest that it’s important to have accessible, online resources to learn BI for a large majority of your users – so, that’s good; we are going in the right direction. But wait! That’s not all! Consider also these benefits of having this information online as never before:

  • “Try before you Buy”
  • Easy-to-access learning to help you get started
  • Great as reference later on
  • Useful training tool to use with colleagues
  • First line of support when you run into trouble
  • Continuous innovation to meet your learning needs
  • Gets you involved in a learning community


My point? If this seems useful to you, pass it on! Let people know! Spread the word! We want to make all the angry birds happy BI users.

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