by Kurt Bilafer, Global Vice President – Business Analytics & Technology

In my last post, I talked about the concept of the ‘whole product’ and how that’s a game changer for SAP as we evolve to a platform company. In the past we’ve built great software, and then handed it off to partners to implement in what has often been a long and expensive process.

Going forward, we want to leverage the expertise of our partners to create new offerings that speed time to value and lower the total cost of ownership of SAP products. We’re moving away from the ‘build it and throw it over the transom’ model to collaborations yielding applications that add value almost immediately upon download.

This transition is already under way, and some exciting things are starting to develop. In the analytics space, one of our first partners is su53 Solutions, a consulting firm out of Belfast, Ireland, that is one of the leading European experts in Governance and Risk Compliance (GRC).

As our first GRC Special Expertise Partner, su53 comes in early as selected GRC projects are ramping up, and advises SAP on training, accreditation and content. The GRC Insight Analytics Dashboard for SAP, which launched this past spring and is now for sale in the SAP Business Analytics Marketplace is a direct result of that collaboration.

This application combines SAP BusinessObjects GRC with su53’s domain expertise in consumer packaged goods (CPG) to integrate industry-specific GRC content with business process optimization.

The dashboard, which won a rave review from GRC expert, author and trainer Michael Rasmussen brings GRC right into the core of the business, letting CPG companies manage risk and compliance and optimize business processes at the same time. The dashboard makes it easier for stakeholders to engage with this information, upping the odds of widespread user adoption and major cost savings.

Our collaboration with su53 is just one example of how we can partner with you to deliver better products than either of us could on our own. It’s a win for us, for our partners and our customers, and we’re excited about the potential for more applications from su53 and our other partners.

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