Tis the season for top 10 lists! You may be eagerly awaiting this year’s top 10 most memorable sports moments and, of course, the top 10 celebrity marriages and breakups, but we have something even better! That’s right, our 2011 top 10 business intelligence (BI) technology demos!

Looking back at 2011, there was no shortage of exciting moments, product launches, and technology demos for BI. Here are our picks for the best SAP technology demos and experiences for business intelligence.


10. Experience sports analytics with SAP. Fantasy sports will never be the same. Experience SAP provides not just sports stats but relevant, real-time, insight. This is a fun and entertaining way to play with business analytics by analyzing your favorite teams and players, whether it’s tennis, hockey, baseball, football, or soccer. And all of the data within experience.sap.com is delivered at the speed of SAP HANA. Try it for yourself.






9. Geo-spatial analysis. This demo from the 2011 SAP BusinessObjects User Conference showcases real-time analytics integrated with mapping capabilities, using SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0 solutions.


8. Social BI: sentiment analysis with SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0 solutions. With integration between SAP BusinessObjects Dashboard, the SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0 platform, and SAP BusinessObjects Text Analysis, you can analyze tweet streams and understand relevant sentiment. Watch the demo and try Twitter Analysis for yourself.


7. Collaborative BI. This demo shows the next generation of collaboration technologies using SAP StreamWork integrated with the SAP BusinessObjects BI platform. This functionality will be available in early 2012 as part of feature pack 3.


6. Dashboards for a world of seven billion. What does a world of seven billion mean? Analyze population statistics and trends with SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0 solutions and world population data from the United Nations, visit 7 Billion Actions.


5. Video analytics. Check out this demo to see real time analytics via the integration of data and analytics with video technology.


4. Feel the speed of SAP HANA. With this new real-time mobile analytics demo, you can access the power and fun of SAP HANA and data exploration while navigating Google maps directly from your iPad or iPhone. See related blog post.


3. SAP BI eLearning tutorials. Almost as popular as Angry Birds, the BI eLearning tutorials on the SAP Community Network were hands down the most popular demo content in 2011. Covering all aspects of the BI portfolio, they’re a one-stop shop for everything you ever wanted to know about SAP BusinessObjects BI technologies. Visit www.sap.com/learnbi.






2. Exploration views on the iPad. See the next generation of the popular end-user data exploration and analysis tool, SAP BusinessObjects Explorer, in this preview demo. Download SAP BusinessObjects Experience to gain a sneak peek of the next version of SAP BusinessObjects Explorer, available in early 2012 as part of feature pack 3.


1. Blow your mind airplane x-ray demo on iPad. This demo from SAPPHIRE Madrid shows analytics integrated with 3D visualization technology from SAP’s recent technology acquisition of Right Hemisphere.


That’s a wrap for 2011, let us know your thoughts on this year’s picks and stay tuned to the blog for many more cool analytic technology demos in 2012!

Happy holidays,