by Mimi Spier, SAP

How does SAP’s “mobile first” strategy translate into value for our customers?

As enterprise adoption of tablets increases, liberating workers with the potential of anywhere productivity (see interesting article about device adoption in EMEA ), SAP is committed to delivering “mobile first” apps for business analytics that for the first time give people three things:

1.  Enjoyment
2.  Answers
3.  Results…anywhere

Our goal is to help you enjoy your job more than you do today, to make our business apps as interactive and engaging as your favorite personal apps. We believe the opportunity with mobile devices is similar to the IMAX for movies. Why shouldn’t your visualizations for work be as beautiful as your high-definition TV on the discovery channel? Ok, I might be a little hopeful there, but you know what I mean.

We’re taking advantage of this device adoption opportunity to help you perform better and work from anywhere. How many times do you have a question and guess at the answer because it would take too long to find the real answer? You have to search for the right information, track down the right people, format the information so it makes sense, and if you’re in the field, get back to your desk to find the information.

Mobile analytics puts the brilliance and power of data in your hands at the moment you need it, in the way you need to see it. The result? You ask a question and get the answer you need in real-time from anywhere.

Should I continue to display this item in front? What percent complete is this building? Did I sell more this month vs. last? Should I spend more time at this customer or the next? Why is my supplier late to deliver? Is this campaign effective in this location? Why not? Did my customers like the ad? Is there another plane available right now? What part do I need? Is it available? What is the best route I should take? How long will it take me? With whom should I discuss this? Connect me now.

This is a great start. And believe me, as you start to use our solutions, your appetite for liberation from your desk will increase and your desire to use your device to perform your job will increase. This brings me to the third concept.

If you have the answers, you’ll want to act on them—and not in a vacuum but with your team or key people across your network. We make this possible by integrating our analytics with our extremely powerful mobile platform, Sybase Unwired Platform and building mobile apps that, for the first time, do exactly what you need them to do based on your job. Get your questions answered, collaborate on your options, and take direct action on the business process or workflow, so you can deliver results immediately, from anywhere.

If you’re intrigued, do me a favor and experience it for yourself. Go to ‘Analytics on the Go’ to see what I mean. You can view a video that brings these concepts to life, test drive some of the mobile apps, and learn more about mobile analytics from experts in the field, like Howard Dressner and Aberdeen, and our customers, like Adobe, Centrica, and others.

Stay tuned, because more is to come. We have just begun.

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