The Love/HateData debate is heating up; 89 percent of those who voted, love data, whereas those who hate data fell from 13 percent to 11 percent. Who’s side are you on?

Need more info to decide? Get the Data Lover or Data Hater points of view on their latest blog posts.

Data Lover: Our New Year’s Resolution: Make the Most of Our Data

So, barely has 2012 begun and change is afoot. The company has announced a new year’s resolution to “treat information as a strategic priority” – which to many probably sounds as much fun as cutting out carbs, but I’m secretly quite excited!

Having only just got my feet under the desk in my new role, I’ve already been asked to join an internal working group tasked with implementing a data management and analytics system. My reputation for being a bit of a geek when it comes to data clearly precedes me!

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Data Hater: Some Love Data; Others Have Data Thrust Upon Them

I’m never sure whether change is more or less difficult to manage when it occurs at the start of a new year. Our business has just joined forces with a younger, smaller local estate agency and, as with any merger, things are a bit fraught while we figure out how the new, consolidated landscape is going to look.

On the upside, we’re larger and better-established – our logo is bigger than theirs on the new headed paper – and I’m a big believer in not fixing things that ain’t broke. But I discovered this week that our new brethren don’t just bring a half-decent property management portfolio to the table – they come with boxes of tricks and speak a different language.

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But Wait, There’s More…

Interested in seeing the spending habits of the Love/Hate Data online audience? Check out the infographic and discover who were Ebenezer Scrooges or Christmas Elves this past holiday season

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