Yes, the data debate is still in full swing! Data lovers are holding steady over the data haters at 89%.

So who are the other 11% and why do they hate data?

Get one data hater’s point of view as he compares data and business intelligence to the way an oil company refines crude oil, pretty interesting.  Then on the flip side a Data lover also has a few words to say about how we consume information and how business intelligence tools help bring all that data together, analyze it and make sense of it – “so straightforward that anyone can master it”.

Data is all around us. Read on, maybe data lover or data hater can help you decide whether you love it or hate it.

The difference between data and intelligence

I’ve been getting to grips with our new computerized regime and have been compliance personified in diligently updating the system with the branch’s entire portfolio. By which I mean I got Tracy doing data entry. But I’m inclined to agree that it will get easier to maintain on an ongoing basis.

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Signs of intelligent life

I’ll be honest: I was a bit worried about what being a data evangelist in my company would do for my credibility. I don’t mind coming across as a bit geeky, but I didn’t want to get labeled as some Dilbert character who can make colleagues’ eyes glaze over at ten paces. However, either my cashmere-tongued charm is more persuasive than I thought, or people really are starting to get it.

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