Ever want to build your own mobile business app and include analytic charting and graph capabilities? Now you can with the new Mobile Analytics Kit, a feature of the Sybase Unwired Platform.

What is the Mobile Analytics Kit?

The Mobile Analytics Kit (MAKit) provides graphical controls with data visualization and analytics capabilities for mobile devices. It offers an intuitive and compelling user interface that lets you easily view enterprise data. Powered by an optimized analytics engine, MAKit can accomplish sophisticated data analysis on the mobile device, which avoids frequent time-consuming queries to remote servers.

MAKit is a cross-platform library that provides native support for iOS devices. To support non-iOS devices, MAKit provides an HTML5 version that works with the Sybase Unwired Platform Hybrid Web Container. The data visualization suite currently includes five basic charts: column, bar, pie, line and bubble, together with some variations of these basic charts. In addition to these charts, MAKit also supports a table control. Read more about the Mobile Analytics Kit here.

These new analytic components can leverage data from any information source including SAP HANA and BusinessObjects universes. Here are a few screen shots of a  custom built mobile analytic app on the iPad, with the data coming from SAP HANA.

Watch this great overview video that describes the Mobile SDK.


Check out the Mobile Analytics suite of apps on iTunes including SAP BusinessObjects Mobile, SAP BusinessObjects Explorer, and SAP BusinessObjects Experience. Stay connected with mobility and analytics from SAP on twitter.

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