by Simon Dechent, Solution Management, LoB Sales

With the introduction of SAP’s new in-memory technology, SAP HANA, we’ve been exploring ways to leverage this technology to bring more business benefits to our customers.

One of the key objectives for every company is, and will always be, revenue and to guarantee future revenue with a stable pipeline. After a truly amazing and exciting project, we’re pleased to announce SAP Sales Pipeline Analysis powered by SAP HANA.

Screenshot of SAP Sales Analysis Pipeline (click for larger view)

Analyzing the sales pipeline is a very complex and time-consuming task. It’s key for every company to understand what the pipeline looks like and how healthy it is.

For companies operating internationally, it becomes more and more challenging to monitor the pipeline on consolidated and granular levels.

To identify issues in the pipeline that might cause significant revenue loss, sales managers need to know pipeline status for every aspect of the business, including geographical, time-based, organizational, and product-related trends.

What Can SAP HANA Do for Your Business?

SAP HANA can enable you:

  • Analyze pipeline data quicker, easier, and on various levels of granularity
  • Drill from a consolidated view to a single pipeline entry
  • Identify pipeline exceptions and issues in real time
  • React rapidly to resolve pipeline issues
  • Make informed decisions to correct negative pipeline trends
  • Avoid surprises at the end of the quarter


To ensure a fast time-to-value with an affordable cost, SAP Sales Pipeline Analysis powered by SAP HANA is also available as a rapid-deployment solution.