by James Fisher, Vice President Marketing, Analytics, SAP

The analytics team I work with are scattered all over the globe in different time zones. Other than for a few late evening calls, it generally works out well, mostly thanks to technology and social software that makes collaboration much easier these days.

Collaboration software moved on apace yesterday when SAP announced the availability of new analytics capabilities, based upon the market-leading analytics solutions from SAP, in the collaborative decision-making application SAP StreamWork. SAP leads the way in both markets, but now we’ve brought them together so that users can upload, explore, analyze, and visualize data directly within SAP StreamWork – and collaborate with teams no matter where they are.

Surely, it’s the perfect match. Decision making en masse, in a collaborative environment with access to trusted data. I think so.

Add to that the ability for users to also connect via the cloud to data stored in SAP HANA®, which allows them to take advantage of in-memory capabilities for rapid analysis of information, and the value proposition becomes even more powerful.

Now, what often scares me with such innovation is how easily I can adopt this in my own world. For example, when working with my team as we plan and execute our marketing campaigns, I, like most people, don’t have the luxury of having the time for tutorials or endless training courses. However, I’m reliably informed that it’s easy to use with no need for training or prior experience.

I can begin by simply uploading spread sheets to SAP StreamWork activities via my browser and using the exploration tool to quickly filter, sort, and work with my data; and then I can:

  • Create and save interactive visualizations from many offered chart types
  • Monitor key metrics by setting visual alerts
  • Add social features such as pro-con tables, rankings, quick polls, and checklists


Additionally, enhanced support for the SAP Crystal Reports software means I can now embed, view, and save interactive report data within SAP StreamWork activities, without having to download files or switch between applications.

Everyone that knows me knows I’m addicted to any technology that works from the moment I pick it up – so from that perspective it’s going to be a well-used part of my working day.