by Ramesh Sunder, Head of Package Solutions – SAP HANA and Analytics RDS

Every analytics solution requires data coming from complex transactional systems. The distance between raw data and aggregated information may look short, but the path has twists, turns, and bumps.

Here are some of the roadblocks:

  1. Implementation timelines and costs become unpredictable. Every analytics solution comes with a choice of technology stacks and data extraction needs. While the business requirements keep changing, decisions on software configurations often lead to unintended consequences leading to scope creep that results in slippages.
  2. Complexity of data extraction is very high. Enterprise systems come in many configurations to allow for flexibility and agility. However, this results in complexity in how data is stored in the transaction systems. Extracting data related to a specific scenario using reverse engineering is always difficult.
  3. Coming up with best practice KPI is difficult. It’s important to define how you calculate the measure. Decisions become effective if this definition conforms to industry best practice. For example, the definition of KPIs like Net Margin, Committed Spend, or Weighted Average Unit Price drive certain business decisions.
  4. Technology choices are complex and not well understood. Businesses want to derive value by cutting through the complexity. Often, there’s a hidden trade-off that’s not well understood, which results in suboptimal decisions.


SAP helps companies bust through these roadblocks with packaged best-practice content that acts as a “GPS” for navigating the implementation twists and turns. These rapid deployment solutions (RDS) provide:

  • A step-by-step approach for predictable outcomes. The key to fast implementation is having a plan and structure that guarantees success. Asking the right questions upfront eliminates many costly mistakes that occur in the middle of every project.
  • Guides for data collection that provide clear data mappings. Our extensive data collection guides provide both data mapping and transformation rules, and the solution also offers extraction capabilities.
  • An industry best-practice KPI library for standards based analysis. An industry-standard KPI is essential for an apple-to-apple comparison of performance measurements across different companies in same industry.
  • Simplified implementation with a focus on business value. SAP’s rapid deployment solution is packaged with accelerators that automate many of the installation and configuration steps, which compresses the timelines and reduces implementation costs.


When implementations happen in weeks instead of months, it’s easier to take advantage of the many new analytic-based innovation that offer better visibility into customers, suppliers, operations, and employees. Some of our early SAP HANA-based rapid deployment solutions (like SAP ERP rapid-deployment solution for operational reporting with SAP HANA) were implemented in as fast as 2.5 weeks*

There will be many opportunities at SAPPHIRE NOW, Orlando, May 14-16, where you can learn more about and see demos for rapid-deployment solutions. Here are a few to consider:

Microforum Discussion – #7682 Deploy Mobile Apps and Business Analytics with Rapid-Deployment Solutions –  Mon., 01:00 p.m.  – Mobile Microforum MB42

Microforum Discussion   – #7532 Adopt the Latest Analytics Innovations with Rapid-Deployment Solutions – Wed., 04:00 p.m. –  Analytics Microforum BA31

Demo Theater – #7653 SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions: The Key to Rapid Results Tue., – 05:30 p.m. – Run Better South DemoTheater


*The implementation timeline depends on customer requirements and specific situation.