By Vineet Seth, SAP

Today’s supply chain environment is complex and the trading relationships are global and interlinked. A seemingly isolated event like floods in Thailand produces giant ripples across the seas and shuts down automotive and high-tech manufacturing facilities across the globe.  To manage these intertwined relationships and lean networks, we have to juggle massive amounts of business information and constant changes in real time.  The good news is that this is now possible thanks to amazing revolutions in technology that provide disruptive business networks to proactively manage risks in these complex supply chains.

Understanding Big Data

A comprehensive understanding of the ecosystem means combining various sources of structured and unstructured data across the customer supply base, government and regulatory information, news, and third-party sources.  A successful blending of these kinds of vast information can provide real-time insights into what’s relevant and critical so that users don’t have to be data analysts.

Making Business Networks Social

Detecting signals in sub-tier supply chains is the ultimate challenge and the ultimate reward. Intelligent business networks are constantly evolving so they can provide customers with proactive alerts throughout their sub-tiers, making the network a truly vibrant community vs. something to be feared. Using social networking concepts, trading partners  can now protect the privacy of their confidential information while simultaneously enabling productive collaboration between customers and suppliers through multiple tiers, making supply chain risk more transparent.

Productivity in the Cloud

Cloud-based deployments offer ultimate savings for IT while ensuring a quick on-boarding path. Customers can quickly start managing future risks before the ripples from disruptive events impact them – and at the same time connect with their trading partners in a secure private network.

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