by Adam Binnie, Global VP & GM, Business Intelligence, SAP

We’ve been following the blogs, tweets, comments, and discussions since our release of the SAP BusinessObjects Dashboarding Statement of Direction (SOD) and the AllAccess SAP webinar held in April. First and foremost, we want to thank you for your comments and for engaging with us.

A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document is available, which covers the most common questions, but we’d like to address more specifically the apprehension expressed by our customers who are using non-SAP data sources.

SAP offers two solutions for professionally authored dashboards and application building:

  • SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards – a solution that was added through the Business Objects acquisition
  • The Web application designer tool of SAP Business Explorer (SAP BEx) – a solution SAP already had and SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards.


We’ll continue to serve both customer bases while working towards a gradual convergence.

Project “Zen”, as introduced in the Dashboarding Statement of Direction (SOD), is a new technology that will beta shortly. “The technology,” is where the convergence will take place, as we slowly merge these two solutions together following the phases mentioned in the SOD.

“The solution” is a first beta and targeted specifically for SAP BEx customers using the Web application designer tool. This first beta is a greatly improved designer for those customers but doesn’t offer an equivalent functionality or a visualization library to the customers of SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards.

The project “Zen” technology is built – and will bring innovation to – both solutions. Some of the innovation will be evident in SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards with the HTML5 release coming in Q4. This convergence is an evolution over time, and each step of the way we’ll be listening to customer feedback. We fully intend to:

  • Ensure that customers can build professionally authored dashboards in all major data sources
  • Bring the project “Zen” technology into SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards to provide mobility first and innovation


We know it’s critical that you make use of all your data, no matter where it resides, to make informed decisions. You can be certain that we remain committed to the goal of enabling better decision-making by providing you with vital information at your fingertips anywhere, anytime – no matter the data source.


Disclaimer:  This article contains forward-looking statements and all information about future products only outlines possible developments that are subject to change.