Are You the Ultimate Data Geek?

The time has come to show off your inner geek and let the rest of world know your data skills are second to none.

We’re excited to announce the Ultimate Data Geek Challenge. Grab your data and share your visual creation in a video, screen capture, or blog post on the SCN. Once you enter, you’ll have a chance to be crowned the Ultimate Data Geek.

How Do I Enter?

It’s easy – just four simple steps:


How Will You Determine the Ultimate Data Geek?

Data geek entries will be judged by a panel of data geek megatrons based on creativity, skilled use of SAP Visual Intelligence, and passion.  A final group of data geek entries will be selected and square off, with the Ultimate Data Geek selected by the SAP community network

Important note: Challenge entries will be accepted up until November 30, 2012, at 11:59 p.m. Pacific

Sounds Cool, but How Does SAP Visual Intelligence Work?

Check out these product tutorials to get up to speed quickly. Also be sure to check back to the Data Geek Challenge submissions page to see recent entries.

If you still have questions about SAP Visual Intelligence, ask the community on the SAPVisi page or tweet your questions to #SAPVisi

Get some inspiration by checking out a few examples on the Ultimate Data Geek wall (coming soon).


What If I Still Have Questions about the Challenge?

Email us

Good luck Data Geeks!