Day two was marked with high energy, beginning with the “Back to the BI Future” skit in Tuesday’s keynote, featuring John Schweitzer and Adam Binnie, through to the Developer Wars that closed the day.

John’s Schweitzer’s entire keynote was energetic, so make sure to catch the replay on the SAP virtual platform. Of special note, John announced the upcoming release of SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence, analytics edition. To get an idea of how cool this solution is, check out Thierry Audas’s post, Driving Down the Cost of Analytics on the Analytics blog.

The Developer Wars. What can I say? It was way more fun than I thought software developing could be. Four teams (Decision First, ATCG Solutions, Optimal Optimizers, and the iRate PieRates) developed dashboards for Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida – so not only was it fun, it was for an awesome cause.

And the presentations? They really made the night – and these guys and gals only had 24 hours to develop the dashboards and craft their presentations. Truly amazing! Check out the iRate PieRates below for a hint of the creativity and humor involved.

The Peanut Butter and Jelly

Today was like a perfect peanut butter and jelly sandwich (come on, you liked them at least when you were a kid). The keynote and Developer Wars were the bread, and all the stuff in the middle was the filling, sweet, yummy stuff – although the bread was mighty yummy.

One of my favorite sessions today was the SAP executive town hall meeting. Adam Binnie, Ty Miller, Jason Rose, James Fisher, John Schweitzer, Eric Fearday, and Mani Gill took questions from audience members for an hour. The conversation was honest but respectful, with a good exchange.

Even lunch hummed with good conversation. My meal companions (partners and customers) happily chatted about the event. Two of my favorite comments from our conversation are:

  • Since deploying Explorer, I’ve had zero requests for Web Intelligence reports.
  • It’s all about making the front-end easier, and SAP is doing that. (This one was aimed at recent releases, like SAP Visual Intelligence.)

And since I had a favorite quote of the day from yesterday, I thought I’d include one for today: “If you’re not competitive broadly, you’re not going to be competitive narrowly,” by Jason Rose.

Other Good Stuff

If you want to dig a little deeper into day two, check out the following videos, posts, slide, and more:

Bonus video by Mico Yuk, SAP Mentor and founder of and, on the SAPinsider event in Singapore, October 16 – 18, shot here in Orlando.