If you were to ask anyone who attended the Foreigner concert on Wednesday night, they’d probably tell you it was the highlight of day three of the ASUG SAP BusinessObjects User Conference. Not that there wasn’t great content throughout the day, it’s just that the band was good and people were in a party mood.

So, it’s only fitting that my day three summary be influenced by the band.


  1. Good morning, good day…It was a good morning and a good day.
  2. Cold as ice…Was it the people? No. The material? No. The performance? No (it was hot blooded). It was the hotel – especially the hallway on the 7th floor. Brrr.
  3. You don’t have to read my mind to know what I have in mind…No, everyone at the User Conference is pretty good at speaking their mind, so no mind reading necessary.
  4. Double vision…It could have been the late nights and early mornings causing people’s double vision, but more likely it was all the lovely liquid refreshments SAP had a plenty at the customer appreciation party, Developer Wars, and Foreigner concert.
  5. Hot-blooded…Pretty much everyone who attends – customers, partners, and SAP employees/ASUG volunteers alike – are hot-blooded. And I mean that in the best way possible. Our customers are passionate about what they want. Our partners are passionate about what they do. And the employees/volunteers who attend are passionate about delivering a good show and good products.

As for the good stuff from day three, we have several videos that dive into key points from today’s sessions:

And I’ll close out my day three summary with the quote of the day and a very important call to action:

  • Tweet from @BObjExpert: “At #SBOUC lunch, @SAPPRESS fortune cookie said “Man without BI has no answers.” That one is almost as good as @orthous on day one: “You can’t spell mobile without BI.” What do you think?
  • The Developer Wars on day two was in support of a very worthy cause: The Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida. Let’s continue the support by making donations to www.showmercynow.org. I know from work I do with Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara County that every $240 donated equals 2.7 barrels of food.