Even if all you attended was the keynote by Don Tapscott, it was worth staying for the first-ever SAP Analytics Forum on day four of the ASUG SAP BusinessObjects User Conference. Say that fast three times – come on, I dare you. ;-)

Don Tapscott, simply put, is brilliant – and that’s not just my opinion; see Mico Yuk’s comment below or look at the #sbouc tweet stream for the conversation during his keynote. It’s not just his ideas that make him so; it’s how he presents them. Articulate, humorous, and inspiring come to mind. Make sure to watch the reply on the virtual platform. It’s well worth the time spent doing so. You should also download the whitepaper upon which his presentation was based: Rethinking Analytics for the Social Enterprise.

Other Good Stuff

The sessions were also worth attending, whether you sat in on the roadmap sessions, customer stories, hands-on sessions, or the SAP lab:

  • “Nice @SAPEPM roadmap update by @davewilliams, @bkatis > good move into on-demand and #HANA capabilities #SBOUC #cloud #EPMOD” by @William_Newman
  • “I must say I’m very happy with the sessions today. Very customer driven, very little marketing. #SBOUC #SAPAnalyticsForum” by @oswaldxxl

As for fun stuff to delve into, check out Timo Elliott’s Inspiring Analytics: Tips and Examples for Achieving Better Business, not Just Better Systems on SlideShare.

And if you missed any videos, slide decks, or blogs from throughout the conference, make sure to visit our channels – we’ll also be adding more stuff over the coming days/weeks, like keynote decks, so make sure to check back later, too:

Favorite Quote of the Day – You Choose

Throughout the conference, I’ve been including my favorite quote of the day in each blog post. Today, there are simply too many good ones from which to choose – all of them from this morning’s keynote. So, I’m going to ask for your help. Which one do you like best? And if one of these isn’t your top choice, what is?

  • Social enterprise isn’t about companies going on Facebook. It’s a new means of production in the making. Don Tapscott
  • God created the world in six days, but he didn’t have an install base. Don Tapscott
  • Some of you have systems that are old enough to smoke and drink. Don Tapscott
  • Information isn’t a commodity; it’s the most diverse thing in the universe.  Don Tapscott
  • This isn’t an information age; it’s an age of networked human intelligence.  Don Tapscott
  • @dtapscott is so far ahead of the curve, books from five years ago are more up-to-date than what’s published now. Timo Elliott
  • @dtapscott is just brilliant! Kudos to SAP Analytics << my brain waves are bursting. We need more of this thinking. Mico Yuk