A friend of mine loves to shop. She goes to retail stores to touch fabrics and try on garments. She shops online, comparing prices and following tips from friends on social media. She loves a bargain and delights in discount offers via snail mail or email. My friend is a savvy buyer.

With new types of data, your organization has the opportunity to sell to my friend. Savvy companies are mining large volumes of unstructured content from Web logs, social networks, and call centers — stored on low-cost, commodity, Hadoop file systems – to uncover nuggets of information, such as customer sentiment or online buying patterns that can lead to competitive advantage. When combined with structured data from point-of-sale, CRM, or supply chain management systems, you can gain insights never seen before.

SAP Announces New Big Data Offering

Today, at the O’Reilly Strata Conference + Hadoop World  in New York City, SAP announced a new big data offering that works with Hadoop to fully tap the potential of big data. The SAP offering includes:

With these solutions, you can extract relevant data from Hadoop and load it quickly into a data warehouse for real-time analysis with BI tools. To accelerate the implementation of big data solutions, SAP is partnering with leading providers of Hadoop data management software and services, such as Cloudera, Hortonworks, Hewlett Packard, Hiatchi, and IBM.

Retail Example: Uncovering a Potential for Additional Revenue

Check out this video that shows how a retailer gains new insight by comparing existing point-of-sale records against user visits to product Web pages.


By analyzing structured data in their existing data warehouse with relevant visitor information that they’ve mined from Web logs stored in Hadoop, this retailer discovers a set of products that aren’t selling as well as expected. With this new insight, they can make adjustments – perhaps lowering the price slightly to become more competitive.  Who knows? Maybe my friend will become one of their new customers!  :-)