Dear Readers: Our regular scheduled programming has been delayed due to technical difficulties, i.e. painfully slow Internet access. Luckily, the event itself has been anything but. Read highlights from day two and look for a slew of videos coming your way as soon we can get them uploaded. AH


We all thought the general strike would dampen the mood and decrease traffic to SAPPHIRENOW, but boy we were wrong! Die hard SAPPHIRENOW attendees came in full force.

We kicked off the morning with two great panel discussions. The first on SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence solutions (How to Extract More Value from BI ) with SAP customers CIR Food, Novartis AG, and Schukat Electronic Vertriebs. The best quote from the panel was “Information is like money. You can put it in a lock box, and it’s safe – but it can’t do much for you.” The second panel was on the value of applied analytics with SAP customers Turk Telekom, QatarGas, and Deutsche Bank AG. The biggest eye opener was how fast real-time is for banks…milliseconds. Now that’s fast!  Hear more on the panel straight from the moderator, Rani Goel, senior director, industry solution marketing, SAP.

For all of you Data Geeks, make sure to check out Ilan Frank’s demo of SAP Visual Intelligence, which is sure to leave you wanting to download the free trial of #SAPvisi and create your own entry for the Data Geek Challenge.

And for all you car enthusiasts, the two McLaren videos that feature dashboards/SAP Visual Intelligence and SAP Virtual Enterprise, will leave you wishing you were here or heading to the booth (in between halls 8 and 10), if you are. Just look for the upside down race car.

What’s going on tomorrow?

  • Our very own James Fisher, vice president of marketing for Analytics, will present at 10:00am CET on intelligent data (Understand Key Trends in Analytics) in the analytics campus. Get a preview of the discussion straight from James.
  • Dr. Vishal Sikka’s executive keynote is at 5:30-6:30pm CET. Remember, if you’re not here, you can still watch him stream live on SAPPHIRENOW online.
  • You can also catch session replays at the end of the conference, including James’s session and the panels above.

Don’t forget to follow our Twitter handle @businessobjects for real-time (can’t guarantee milliseconds), up-to-date information around analytics. Also check us out on Facebook, and don’t forget SAP Analytics TV. Below are the videos that we captured today, enjoy!