by Julia Link, E&C Product Marketing, SAP

glassesTag clouds! Bubble charts!! Wait for it… Choropleth maps!!!

While perusing Robert Russell’s excellent Data Geek entry last week, I have to admit, I had no idea what a “choropleth map” was.  But when I saw a picture of one on Wikipedia, I  immediately realized that a choropleth map shows the prevalence of a variable or set of variables across a particular geographic area.

What? Not clear to you? The definition may not be, but consider this example:

Blue states versus Red states: Electoral College 2012 Presidential Election

Now you’ve got it, right? This is a simple way to think about the magic of visualizations – by seeing a picture, you can more immediately…well, see the big picture. Or the outlier. Or the trend. Plus, by visually navigating your data, you can avoid an awful lot of spreadsheet-induced eye glaze.

Jason Rose, vice president of business intelligence marketing at SAP, shares in an on-demand webcast the beauty and joys of using data visualizations to turbocharge your analytics acumen.

Check it out to learn more. Then try out SAP’s cool new visual analysis tool, SAP Visual Intelligence, and let us know what you think.