by Steve Bickerton, BI Competency Center, SAP

Co-Workers in Business MeetingSAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence software, lets your employees perform ad hoc reporting and analysis, improving productivity and knowledge sharing across the organization. In the past, however, problems arose when users tried to integrate with SAP Netweaver Business Warehouse (BW) – triggering error messages, slow reporting, and poor performance. The resulting frustration made it difficult to embrace a culture of ad hoc reporting and analysis.

But now, SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence (BI) solutions 4.0 makes it easy to integrate the two technologies. Embracing user-generated reporting and analysis just got that much easier.

Quick Tips for Web Intelligence Success

To ensure smooth implementation of SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence, address these three issues:

  1. Ensure that you’re running the right version of BI. To ensure proper interaction with SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence, you’ll need to run SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0 with 64-bit architecture and unlimited RAM. You should also consider enhancement or support packs designed to improve performance.
  2. Pick the right tool for the right job. SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence is a front-end reporting tool that supports self-service ad hoc reporting and analysis. Use its drag-and-drop functionality to create dynamic freeform reports without expensive, time-consuming help from IT. This is the right tool for basic P/Ls with a single hierarchy, simple charting requirements, and interactive reporting that requires data slicing and dicing. It will not, however, replace 100% of your bex reporting or perform complex OLAP analysis, and it’s less than ideal for big data consumption.
  3. Use BICS connectivity. SAP’s new protocol, Business Intelligence Consumer Services (BICS) is a proprietary interface for bex queries, with a proprietary API that streamlines connectivity and speeds data access. BICS makes all existing queries accessible to all users – who can then reuse, modify, or leverage them as the basis for reports.

Web intelligence software from SAP gives business users flexible, self-service access to ad hoc reporting tools and intuitive analytics – on the Web, desktop, or mobile device. Most ad hoc reports can be created and executed in 15 to 20 minutes, giving users fast answers to business questions and the ability to take action on the fly – with decision-ready insights from any data source. This intuitive tool reduces IT backlogs and maximizes productivity. You’ll also improve ad hoc reporting and analysis across all data sources with reusable frameworks.

Get the Most From Web Intelligence

Getting the most from your investment in analytic tools is a top priority; you’ll want to engage professionals to ensure that you have the right technology in place and can identify the right tool for the job. SAP Analytics Services consultants are experts in SAP products and solutions and can walk you through your options, ensuring that you choose the right tool for your organization. If you need user-generated ad hoc reporting and analysis, SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence may be right for you. Learn more at