People walking on office concourseAnyone who’s attended the ASUG/SAPPHIRE NOW event in Orlando knows you walk a lot. And thanks to a Twitter conversation of a few SAP Mentors (@gpmyers, @DallasMarks, @oswaldxxl, @ericvallo, and @twailgum), we decided to have a little analytics fun at SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG.

Do you have a FitBit or other device for measuring steps taken, stairs climbed, distance traveled? Well, bring it with you to Orlando and join our fitness challenge. It’s easy:

  • Wear your device Tuesday – Thursday
  • Export your data as a CSV and/or Excel file
  • Send the file to by Monday, 5/20

We’ll import all that data into SAP Visual Intelligence (thanks to Timo Elliott) to explore the results and determine the winner. Results will be announced via a YouTube video a la Data Geek on Friday, 5/24.

Winners will get full bragging rights and the opportunity to give their friends a good ribbing – something that Jamie, Greg, Dallas, Eric, and Thomas will certainly enjoy. ;-)

So what do you say? How far do you think you’ll walk? Care to throw down a gauntlet?

Greg did 37.05 miles, 73,000 steps, and 64 flights of stairs last year, while Dallas walked 48.92 miles, 89,000 steps, and 62 flights of stairs. Marie Alami predicts I’ll win, because of all the sessions I cover as @SAPAnalytics, but I’m a bit gimpy after foot surgery, so we’ll see. I’m willing to be embarrassed, though. As you can tell, I’m already getting my excuses ready.