HotelIf you’ve been following the BI innovation clues we posted over the last two weeks you may already have caught some of the BI news happening at SAPPHIRE NOW this week. We’re excited to share the following news and announcements:

  1. SAP Visual Intelligence renamed to SAP Lumira, read the SAP newsbyte
  2. Special flash sale of SAP Lumira for SAPPHIRE NOW attendees
  3. Announcement of SAP Lumira Cloud
  4. Release to customer (RTC) of SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1

What is SAP Lumira?

Formerly known as SAP Visual Intelligence, SAP Lumira helps analysts bring together and transform data to discover hidden insights and answers. Designed for ease of use, the software combines fast data manipulation with engaging visualizations, allowing users to explore data from a variety of enterprise and personal sources.

Why was SAP Visual Intelligence renamed?

SAP Lumira marks a new chapter for SAP’s enterprise self-service BI solutions.  It brings to market innovative solutions that will allow organizations to realize the vision of easy to use, self-service analytics in real-time, on massive amounts of data.  SAP Lumira is a fresh name that means shedding light on and seeing the opportunity. It connotes the ideas of awakening, knowledge, and greater consciousness. Read more information about the renaming of SAP Visual Intelligence.

What is the special flash sale for SAP Lumira?

This special week of SAPPHIRE NOW only promotion of SAP Lumira will be available to all SAPPHIRE NOW  attendees via the SAP Store:

  • Personal edition for $9 (regular $99)
  • Standard edition for $99 (regular $999)
  • Visit and use the “apply coupon” code: sapphire

What is SAP Lumira Cloud?

SAP Lumira Cloud is a new cloud BI solution that runs on the SAP HANA Cloud. Users can share and analyze data created with SAP Lumira. Highlights of SAP Lumira Cloud include:

  • Innovation in HTML5 for the development of new features at rapid speeds
  • Ease of use for state of the art data consumption
  • Out of the box integration with on-premise data and huge scale with native SAP HANA support

To learn more about SAP Lumira Cloud, watch this short preview demo on the iPad

To learn more about SAP Lumira, check out this presentation overview.

[slideshare id=20773289&doc=enterpriseselfservicebisaplumira-130508001119-phpapp02]


What about SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1?

SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1, SAP BusinessObjects Edge edition and SAP Crystal Server entered the release to customer (RTC) phase on May 10. SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1 is one suite for all insight, one place for all information and on standard for enterprise BI. The features in this upcoming release include:

  • Unified and highly personalized platform with improved interoperability and usability across the BI suite
  • Powerful visualizations that empower end users with industry focused visualizations and spatial analytics
  • Big Data ready with support for Amazon Elastic MapReduce and Hadoop Hive. Improved access to Teradata 14 and Oracle’s Exadata, OLAP and Essbase. SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1 also includes enhanced workflow capabilities in conjunction with SAP HANA and SAP NetWeaver BW
  • Professional grade BI platform for any size business, any type of deployment and for any role across the organization

Read more  on SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1 in this blog and access more information on what’s new with version 4.1 on SCN:

How can you get involved with these BI announcements at SAPPHIRE NOW?

Join the Data Geek Challenge!

What type of geek are you? Show us how you geek out on your data in the Ultimate Data Geek Challenge To enter, create an interesting view of data using SAP Lumira with your data or data we’ve provided and share your creations on the SCN or by email

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