Picture20Wow, so much was happening at SAPPHIRE NOW, it seems like just yesterday. The Analytics campus and other areas on the show floor were spinning with all of the buzz and excitement that surrounded Analytics and I was there with camera in hand to catch it all ‘on tape’. You know the old saying “all good things must come to an end”? Not true for Analytics. SAPPHIRE NOW is over but there are still lots of good things happening.

Over 50 videos were taken and we just finished publishing them all….finally. Below is a sample of videos I took that will give you a great perspective on all the activities, and what’s to come for Analytics. Pardon my amateur video taping, which I usually leave to @thezhu, the main man behind the camera on the Analytics social media team. Be sure to subscribe to SAP Analytics TV to always get the latest or check the SAPPHIRE NOW playlist.

Customer/Influencer Insights


Analytics Partner Ecosystem

(Check out more videos from our Partners in our Partner playlist)

SAP Analytics Team Summaries



And if you haven’t read through the daily recap blog posts written by my partner in crime, Avery Horzewski, be sure to browse through to get some great highlights for each day. Videos that were published previous to this blog are included in her posts. Enjoy!