Steve lucas.“Frickin’ brilliant” pretty much sums up day two, which kicked off with Steve Lucas’s keynote –  another awe-inspiring presentation.

Below are some other great quotes from his keynote:

● Big Data is simply using data that was previously ignored due to technology limitations.
● Big Data is having its cloud moment.
● We’re not playing catch up with anyone. Our goal is to democratize the solutions.
● I know you’re thinking there’s no adult supervision at SAP. (In reference to the Big Data bus)
● If you’re not successful at work, then we’re failing you. We’re absolutely committed to your success.
● Combination of the infinite store & instant platform is the future.
● A beautiful visualization won’t help your sales suck any less, you have to act!

Steve presented so many cool and innovating things, I can’t possibly capture them all here and still cover the other “frickin’ brilliant” things that happened on day two. Besides, Tammy Powlas once again wrote a detailed summary of the keynote. Make sure to check it out.

Instead, here are some highlights from his keynote and other great happenings throughout the day.

Announcement of Intent to Acquire KXEN


Did you know KXEN is the company behind the analytics for the Obama campaign?

Our SAP Predictive team offers up a great summary of the announcement.

Bruno Delahaye from KXEN shares his first impressions of being part of SAP.

Caption contest! Courtesy of Timo Elliott. Follow @timoelliott and join in the contest.


“Create a caption”

BIG Intro to SAP’s Big Data Strategy and the Big Data Express

Find out where the bus is headed next, and be sure to contact your account manager to have the bus visit your company.


Christian Rodatus and Steve Lucas take a short break to talk about Big Data, predictive analytics, and the KXEN acquisition.


New Analytics Roadmap: Engage, Visualize, Predict

SAP’s new analytics roadmap, reiterated throughout the keynote, focuses on enterprise business intelligence (BI), agile visualization, and advanced analytics. Our own James Fisher, vice president product marketing  for Analytics, shares his thoughts on it in the video below.


SAP Analytics Executive Town Hall

SAP Analytics Executives were on stage answering audience questions.


Data Mania Throw Down

@donaldmac, @timoelliott, @rmgoodm, @cgadalla, @amrcn_werewolf, and @mani_srini competed for best presentation. Who won? It was a tie between @timoelliott and the Predictive Duo (@cgadalla/@amrcn_werewolf). Rigged? Data Team

Developer Wars

What a great way to end the day –  full of fun and excitement! The Bollywood Spartans were crowned the winners. The real winner, though, was City Year. Not only did they see what analytics can do for them, but SAP generously donated all of the software licenses used in the competition – enough for all 25 of their locations – and $150,000. The event itself is worthy of its own blog post, watch for it tomorrow.


Preview of Big Data Sessions Coming Day 3

Padmini Ranganathan and Swati Sinha give their insights on Big Data and analytics. Don’t miss  their Big Data sessions today!


Saving the Best for Last: Our Customers

A big thanks to Ken Vincent, Oregon Health and Science University, and Barron Penner, Aviva USA, for sharing their stories with us.

I can’t believe today is the last day of the conference! Remember to follow @SAPAnalytics for live updates.