by Mimi Spier, Analytics Product Marketing, SAP

Capture3We all know that Big Data is impacting the world in ways never before possible. For example, did you know that, according to McKinsey, Big Data has a:

●Two-hundred-fifty -billion-euro potential annual value for Europe’s public sector administration (more than gross domestic product of Greece)?
●Three-hundred-billion-dollar  potential annual value for US health care (more than double the total annual health care spending in Spain)?
●Six-hundred-billion-dollar potential annual consumer surplus from using personal location data globally?
●Sixty-percent potential increase in retailers’ operating margins?

We’re all trying to figure out what should be done with all of this data and how to monetize the value of data through new business models, operational efficiency use cases, or other business transformation. Here’s a unique opportunity to play with data, be creative, innovate, and perhaps come up with a use case that will change the world one day.

Become the Big Data Bossdata geekboss

As you may know, SAP customers, partners, and employees have been taking part in the Ultimate Data Geek Challenge (visit This gives you the opportunity to join the Data Geek squad.

Here’s your chance to become the Big Data Boss. For US participants, SAP has upped the ante and taken the Data Geek prizes to the next level with the Big Data Geek Challenge delivered in conjunction with SAP’s Big Data activity.

Win Some Amazing Prizes!

 US customers and SAP partners can take advantage of their data creations to win some amazing prizes:

  • Grand Prize: $10,000  or a trip to SapphireNOW 2014
  • Data for Social Good Prize: SAP will donate $5,000  to a charity of choice on behalf of the winning participant
  • Partner Award: Trip to FKOM 2014 to present the winning entry onstage

Contest runs from Sept 7th to December 1st, and winners will be contacted by December 18th. Get all the details, rules and regulations about the Big Data Geek Challenge on the SAP Big Data website.

Not sure where to start? Check out the Data Geek Challenge website for examples of insights from others.

Good luck Data Geeks!