by Jayne Landry, Global VP & GM Business Intelligence, SAP

CaptureIt’s not too late to be heard and get your burning business intelligence (BI) questions answered. If you missed the November 14th SAP analytics’ interactive community call on the BI Roadmap, you can still hear the presentation, see the demos, and listen to the question and answer session here.

The #askSAP Twitter feed also remains open for conversation, and  experts at SAP Analytics will answer your questions.

Judging by the questions that were posted on the twitter feed, online, or by phone, we had numerous BI hot topics. You can see the #askSAP Twitter feed for answers, information, and resources on all of these popular areas, which included:

  • SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio capabilities
  • The SAP NetWeaver BusinessWarehouse  roadmap
  • Upcoming versions of SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI)
  • How to use SAP Lumira to test visualization
  • Direction for Common Visualization Object Manager (CVOM)
  • Mobile and the ability to allow consumption of HTML5 directly from dashboards

As the first in a regular series of quarterly interactive community calls that SAP Analytics is planning, the call obviously answered a need. The event was very well attended, with more than 800 participants registered.

According to our poll, 53.5% of callers were already using SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1, while 15.1% were planning to use it within the next six months. SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio was one of the burning topics of the call, with 31.3% of the callers reporting that they would consider using it for dashboarding.

Don’t miss the next two community call events. Future topics include self-service BI and SAP Lumira on February 18th, and Advanced Analytics on March 20th.

Call Revealed Direction and Focus of Upcoming BI Innovation

Speakers Ty Miller, vice president, SAP business intelligence solution management, and Ian Treleaven, senior product owner, SAP BusinessObjects BI suite performance, gave an overview of SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1, outlined where BI solutions are headed in the near term (from next month to 18 months), and offered a glimpse of what users can expect going forward.

They focused on how SAP has built its analytics portfolio around three primary axes, which will be the center of SAP’s ongoing evolution and innovation:

  • Enterprise BI, which includes SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1
  • Agile Visualization, which includes SAP Lumira
  • Advanced Analytics, which includes SAP Predictive Analysis powered by SAP HANA

Ty conducted a few demos to show some of the key innovations, including a sizing calculator demo, a demo showing SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio connecting to a UNX universe (and thus any data source), and a predictive analytics demo.

The event was designed to be interactive. Speakers answered questions received through an online question and answer module, by phone, and from the very active #askSAP Twitter feed.

Note: Attendees and anyone interested in these topics can continue to connect using this hashtag #askSAP.