Picture1Are you ready for some football!?! We’ve taken a run at analyzing and predicting Super Bowl XLVIII with the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks.  Using public data from www.nfl.com/stats, we’ve used SAP solutions for analytics to crunch the numbers before the big game to find outliers and insights that might indicate which team will have an edge.

Using SAP Lumira, a solution for self-service agile visualization, we discovered some interesting comparisons between the two teams. For instance, we found that the Bronco’s rushing lags the Seahawks’, but their passing game blows the Seahawks’ away.  Not surprising for the best offense in the league.


However, the Seahawks reply with the best defense in the league, as you can see by the chart below (Seahawks are in orange, and the opponent score is the third column).


The parallel coordinate chart from SAP Predictive Analysis shows each week’s outcome across team score, opponent score, 1st downs, total yards, pass yards, and rush yards.  In this case, the Broncos pass more, but the Seahawks rush for more yards. In this air vs. ground match up, the Broncos win the total yards.


Special Teams Make the Difference

A look at special teams gives the edge to the Broncos too:


To see the determining characteristics of a winning team, we used SAP InfiniteInsight. The analysis below shows that special teams is the most contributing factor.



Sharing and Interacting with Our Data

Using SAP Lumira, we can design a simple data storyboard using our analysis that we can share with others.


Sharing the analysis is easy through SAP Lumira Cloud, where we can share our data and visualizations powered by the SAP HANA Cloud.


We can also explore and interact with the data in the cloud and we are provided with a series of pre-defined visual discoveries based on our data resulting in potential “did you know analysis” that might help guide our exploration.


Mobile Makes It Easy

Others can access the analysis and interact with it easily on a mobile device. Here’s our Super Bowl analysis viewed from the iPad:


And the Data Gives the Edge to…. 

So let’s put this all together. Who has the edge going into the Super Bowl?

Passing Yards Broncos
Rushing Yards Seahawks
Total Yards Broncos
Best Defense Seahawks
Special Teams Broncos

Based on this data, we are giving the edge to the Broncos – and predict that special teams will have the biggest impact on the game.

Final score: DEN 26  SEA 23

Please keep in mind we are not condoning use of this analysis for gambling purposes! Also, check out what the SAP team is doing with social media analytics to visualize who fans think will win the game. Football fans can even try it out for themselves, check this photo of the SAP Super Bowl Experience.

Let us know your prediction for the game by tweeting us @SAPLumira

Game on!

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