By Jane Fu, DataViz Specialist, SAP

Bleeding heart flowersTo celebrate Valentine’s day this year our data visualization team at SAP Vancouver tood some Canadian census data and designed a “Love Visualization” using SAP Lumira.  We wanted to see what insights about Canadians might show up in the data when visualized. After some data manipulation, our discovery began to become clear with a view of potentially “happy” and potential “lonely” people by province started to form. We looked at all the married couples by province with the highest percentage of population being with Newfoundland at 62.4% and the lowest being Nunavut at 53.4% of population.


Conversely we also visualized the singles by province to see where you might want to live to find a date for Valentine’s day.


Breaking it down even further, for those looking for love, we visualized the provinces showing the  percentage of single females. Quebec came in at the top with 84.6%.


And finally we looked at the percentages of single males across the provinces. This time Quebec came in the lowest with 15.4%.


Happy Valentine’s Day from the data viz team at SAP Vancouver. We hope you enjoyed the visualization.  Check out our #dataviz of the day by following @SAPLumira on Twitter.

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