42-38541251-Lumira CLoudIt sounds like something Bond and M would chat about at M16 headquarters: Unlocking the value of “dark data,” discovering “hidden patterns in information,” and understanding how much of the human cortex is devoted to decoding images.

But, no, these concepts weren’t featured in a spy thriller – they were presentation topics discussed during SAP Analytics’ second interactive Community Call on Self-Service BI and SAP Lumira. (And in case you’re wondering, 30% of the cortex is devoted to neurons processing visuals.)

If you didn’t catch the sessions on February 17th or 18th (same sessions, just held during different time zones), you can still hear the presentation, see the demos, and listen to the question-and-answer sessions at:

The #askSAP Twitter feed is still open for more questions and chat, which will all be followed-up by SAP Analytics experts. If you asked a question that wasn’t answered during the call or would like to see all of the questions and answers, you can download a copy of the Q&A.

The call included many great speakers:

  • Jayne Landry, global vice president and general manager of business intelligence, kicked off the call with an overview of agile visualization
  • Olivier Duvelleroy, senior director, SAP Lumira, discussed the evolution of self-service BI and outlined SAP Lumira product directions
  • Aaron Graber, senior director, Global Center of Excellence, gave an awesome end-to-end demo using SAP Lumira on a topic close to those who travel often – flight delays.
  • A huge thank you to SAP Mentors Josh Fletcher and Jamie Oswald for moderating the calls and relaying burning questions from the community (including their own).

The interactive presentation launched with some interesting facts on trends that are driving the adoption of analytics today. Did you know? Data is doubling every 18 months, and in some industries it’s increasing by 3000x. Another compelling fact?  Only 10% of us have access to analytics today in the workplace, but 75% of us expect to have access by 2020.

The live Q&A delved into the current functionality, planned innovations, and next steps in store for Self-Service BI and SAP Lumira, with a focus on:

  • Agile visualization
  • Evolution of Self-Service BI
  • SAP Lumira product directions

This is the second in a regular series of quarterly interactive community calls that SAP Analytics is planning. The event was interactive. Speakers answered questions sent in via an online Q&A module, the phone, and also from a very active Twitter feed #askSAP. (Note: Attendees and anyone interested in these topics can continue to connect using this hashtag.)

Here’s a sampling of hot topics:

  • How to make BI truly “self-service”
  • Popular data sources
  • Mobile device capabilities, including working offline
  • Working with SAP HANA, including leveraging the SAP HANA XS application server engine, and in the cloud
  • Fitting SAP Lumira in “complex” BI implementations
  • Publishing visualizations in Sharepoint, from SAP Lumira to the BI platform, and Streamwork
  • Plans for the SAP Lumira Server
  • Requirements for publishing to Launchpad users and viewing in SAP BusinessObjects Explorer

You can still check out our first interactive call – on the SAP BusinessObjects BI Roadmap, held last November.

And don’t miss the next event on Advanced Analytics planned in May. Check back here for more details coming soon.

Additional resources: